Walk the Plank

It’s my goal to maintain a positive environment in my online spaces, for myself, my fans, and my representatives.

This page outlines our community rules, and what will happen if those rules are broken.

Section A: Behaviors that will get you banned

The following behaviors will get you banned from any or all of my online and digital platforms, including but not limited to the following:

    1. Abusive language to me, my representatives, or my fans and followers
    2. Rudeness to me or any of my representatives during customer service, online interactions, or any other interaction
    3. Obsessive, possessive, controlling, overly demanding, or aggressive behavior toward me (you may love me, but you don’t own me)
    4. A plethora of truly evil things like threats of violence, racism, other nasty -isms, etc.
    5. Failure to pay for goods or services

This list may be updated, and I reserve the right to ban anyone from my online platforms for any reason at any time.

Section B: What it means to be banned, and how you can avoid the plank

In most cases, a first offense will result in an initial warning. A second offence will get you banned permanently. In severe cases, you will be banned immediately without warning. Banning includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Being unsubscribed from my newsletter
    2. Being blocked on my social media platforms
    3. Being blocked from placing orders on DanielleLincolnHanna.com

How can you avoid the plank? By being a nice person. Mistakes happen. We all have bad days. Sometimes we don’t realize what we’re doing or saying. A sincere apology to the offended party or parties and improved behavior can go a long way.

Section C: If you have a transaction in process…

…via DanielleLincolnHanna.com or by direct order placed with me or my representatives, and you have partaken in any of the behaviors listed in Section A, then the following will apply:

    • We will either fulfill your order or refund your money as efficiently as possible.
    • We will cancel any pre-orders of upcoming books. If already paid for, your money will be refunded as efficiently as possible.
    • We will block you from placing future orders via DanielleLincolnHanna.com.

You are, of course, welcome to acquire my books via any other online platform, bookstore, or library. But we will no longer do business with you directly.

Section D: A note on customer service culture

Some of my fans have been snippy with their customer service requests, only to learn later that they were, in fact, speaking directly with me, their favorite author–and then their behavior improved dramatically. I don’t bring this up to shame anyone, but to introduce a point that is dear to my heart:

I reject our current retail culture in which “lowly” retail employees and customer support staff are fair game for verbal abuse. Being “lower” in company status is no reason for customers to not treat staff like people. I expect you to treat my people with as much respect as you would treat me. I carefully hand-pick every person I work with. They are my people, and I love them. Abusive behavior toward them is abusive behavior toward me.

~ Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Last updated on 2023-04-01