It turns out, a special sub-clause of Murphy’s Law applies specifically to book releases.

It was our goal to start shipping the Mailboat Suspense Series hardbacks in March. I’m here to report that our new goal is April.

During two recent book readings, I clocked some bizarre typos in my brand new hardback proofs—which, I’ll admit, was pretty disappointing.

When Charles and I dug into the issue, we discovered a glitch in our formatting software.

We’ve found a work-around, but this glitch has set our production schedule back a couple of steps.

As I write this, Charles is adjusting our interior files to be re-uploaded to our printer. The printer will review those files, we’ll give them another peek (we’re definitely paranoid at this point)… And then… if all goes well…

I’ll finally get to hit that big ol’ Print Button.

As always, we strive to put quality first here at Hearth & Homicide Press. Frustratingly, that sometimes means delaying our releases. We apply ourselves tenaciously to outcomes that fall within our circle of influence… and try to give up the rest with grace.

Those of you who have waited FOH-EV-AH for these hardbacks are constantly top of mind for us. We’re doing our best to get you these books you requested sooo long ago!

And I just want to say, your patience is amazing and much appreciated. Thank you so much for letting us apply ourselves to this project so we can present you with our best work—something that you can read, display, share, and enjoy for decades to come.

The book fanciers who have had a chance to touch and handle our proof copies have been absolutely smitten. It’s our hope that you’ll be deeply impressed once you see what we’ve been working on.

We’ll continue to keep you updated—and, as always, we are sailing on!

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