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2016-01-11 Danielle Lincoln Hanna Facebook Page

I love Facebook. So I figured it was about time to get a Facebook page. I quietly set it up a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be top secret until I’d arranged the furniture, hauled the cardboard boxes to recycle, and made the place look like home. However, a couple people have already found my hiding spot. So … may as well invite everybody in! (Don’t trip over that extension cord.)

What will you find here?

  • 2016-01-11 Danielle Lincoln Hanna Facebook Page postStep into the story worlds of my upcoming books! My settings will come to life in the photos I share.
  • Have a look at my Daily Diary to see what I’ve been working on every day! Each entry includes a Hint of the Day to pique your interest until the release of my work-in-progress!
  • You can also keep tabs on Molly the Adventure Dog and Juliean the Superior Cat and their usual antics, as well as our road trips and adventures.

If you’re interested, you can find us right here:

Danielle Lincoln Hanna Facebook Page

Can’t wait to see you there! You can also check out my other social profiles:

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