Hardback Update!

Last spring, I announced that the entire Mailboat Suspense Series is coming out in hardback, and I indicated that those hardbacks would arrive in summer of 2023. Clearly, summer is now over—and the hardbacks are, in fact, not here yet. And obviously, you deserve an explanation. The good news in all this: Those hardbacks are

A Cruise Into the Past – Starting with Mailboat I!

  Have you always wanted to know how the Mailboat Suspense Series got started? No, I didn’t grow up in Lake Geneva. No, I wasn’t a mail jumper. However, I did start developing the story while I was trapped in a life of emotional abuse and depression that nearly led to suicide… and creating this

Blue Pinwheels and Child Abuse

This week, my local county courthouse lawn was glittering with hundreds of small blue pinwheels. I assumed it was symbolic of something, but I wasn’t sure what. I later found a story by one of our local news outlets explaining that the pinwheels are there to bring awareness to the fact that April is National