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Guys, I haven’t been completely honest with you.

“I love your books!” you tell me. And then, half joking, half serious, you wink and ask, “When’s the movie coming out?”

“I don’t know,” I say with a grin. “Do you know anyone in Hollywood?” Half joking. Half serious.

The truth is, I didn’t want to say too much. I didn’t want to get your hopes up. I barely knew what was going on or how to navigate what was happening. But I’m ready to let you in on a little secret now:

I’ve been approached twice about the film and TV rights for the Mailboat Suspense Series.

Now, before you all get excited and rush to clear your calendar for movie night, let me explain to you what that means.

The Interest Is Out There

I’ll go ahead and say it. This NEVER happens. For Hollywood to contact an author out of the blue about a possible film or TV adaptation is extremely rare. In fact, during the first of my two experiences, I assumed it was a scam–until I looked the people up and found they were legit.

There are millions of books out there, and Hollywood can have its pick of whatever story it wants to adapt into a movie or TV series. The vast majority of authors will never hear from Hollywood. So the fact that this has happened to me TWICE is beyond unusual.

But It Could Be a While…

“When’s it coming out?!” you ask, no doubt bouncing in your seat.

Slow down, slow down! A lot has to happen before Mailboat hits the screen. First on my list is getting the right team together–an agent and/or manager and an entertainment lawyer. These people will make sure I make the right connections and garner the best possible deal.

And speaking of the deal… Most stories that catch Hollywood’s eye actually spend quite a while in limbo. The first thing a production company will do is “option the rights.” They literally pay the author for the exclusive right to consider making the movie or TV show. During that time, the author can’t allow anyone else to consider the property. This gives the production company time to consider if they can pull together the funding, attract a big enough audience, get the right people involved, and ultimately make a return on their investment.

At the end of this period, they might ask to renew the rights. A story can spend years being optioned, at the end of which a film or TV show MIGHT happen–or it might not. When it comes to Hollywood, absolutely nothing is certain. So it’s okay to get excited, but important to stay practical.

At this point, my rights for the Mailboat Suspense Series are not yet optioned. I’ve simply had inquiries from parties who may be interested, and I’m actively looking to option those rights.

So, Why Am I Telling You This?

Considering it could be years before the casting call–if that even happens–why am I bringing it up at all?

For one, moving the Mailboat Suspense Series towards Hollywood has become my number one priority. My publicist Rebecca and I are super busy talking to lots of people, educating ourselves, and networking. Considering that this project is taking a lot of my time and attention these days, I want to be able to talk to you guys about exciting new developments.

For another, you guys can help me! I know you talk about me and my books a lot. And every time you do, I make more fans and sell more books. The bigger my book sales and the larger my fan base, the better my odds of capturing a Hollywood deal. So please, keep talking about me! Let people know how excited you’d be to see the Mailboat Suspense Series on the screen. Together, maybe we can make it happen.

And finally… Do you know anyone in Hollywood? At the moment, Rebecca and I are doing a lot of networking and gathering advice. If you happen to know anyone with Hollywood connections, please reach out to me!

In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on exciting new developments.

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To enter to win, just answer the following question in the comments section below. (Or leave any comment at all!)

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Rules & Stuff:

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Comments (58)

  1. Judy Tucker


    I would enjoy see mailboat made into movie because you invision the characters as you read about them. Seeing them on screen would be awesome.

    • Reply

      I definitely agree. There’s just something magical about the characters coming to life via a group of talented actors. Personally, I also REALLY enjoy seeing how other people interpret my writing!

  2. Jean Parulski


    I think Mailboat Suspense Series would be a great TV series or Netflix series.

  3. Linda Kutzora


    I would rather see the books aa a tv series on like, Netflicks, so I could binge it all at once!

  4. Nancy Cerny


    I would love a movie but no matter which form of entertainment you choose…I am watching.

  5. Tami Gerharz-Kasken


    OMGOSH this is tough to answer! I think I would go with the TV series or Netflix! With TV series it gives you something to look forward to that certain day of the week every week!!

  6. Linda P.


    I think a movie would be great. It would have to show the seasonal changes captured by Lake Geneva and the beautiful scenery.

  7. Amy Mertes


    I would prefer a Netflix series or TV series so it doesn’t feel so rushed to tell the story in 2 hours. Netflix is ideal so you don’t have to wait a week to see the next episode. If it is done well, it will be addicting!

  8. Mary Walter


    I would love to see a Movie of the Mailboat series. Too many good TV series get cancelled before they are completed.
    Oh my gosh, that would be so awesome.

  9. Sharon White


    At first I thought movie, but you could cover so much more story with a tv series. I’d watch either one! How exciting for you!

  10. Ann Crabb


    I would rather have it be a tv series, perhaps Netflix. Then I could watch it more than just once.
    Good Luck on this exciting prospect!

  11. Pat Perkins


    Just finished reading all the comments…and they were all wonderful. I would agree with most all of them….but thinking of you, I think that is throwing a lot on you! I have been so caught up on each one of your books and could barely wait til I finished one and could start on another… my thinking is if it were to be a tv series, I think it would put a lot of stress and pressure on you as a writer. I know it takes quite awhile to write each book, so if you had to come up with a great story every week or even every month…I would hate to see you burn out because of what it would take for you to write all of those, and would you have time to write other books?? As far as watching either one, the movie or tv series, I would be there for the movie or all of the tv shows…..why?? Because you had me “hooked” on the very first book! You are one awesome writer in my book!!! Keep em’ comin’!!

    • Sean Anthony Sorce


      I’ve been looking forward to see since I started reading this awesome series. If you ask me, I can see this series works well being a tv adaptation. Each book can be a season. It would be perfect.

    • Reply

      Aw, thank you, Pat! I’m so glad you’d enjoy a movie or TV series.

      And great news–I wouldn’t personally be in charge of writing the script or scripts. Every form of writing is different; I’m trained as a novelist and wouldn’t do a very good job as a screenwriter. So that job will go to someone else. If I’m lucky, they might allow me to be a consultant to the show. But whether I have any involvement at all depends what kind of contract gets hammered out. 🙂

      So no worries! My job will still be to write new books in the series. 😀

  12. Gail W


    Either way! So good! Glad I stopped in Polson Montana to look around in June 2021. That’s when I found your books. There was a little arts and craft fair and you were there selling your books. Best wishes Danielle! And a big congratulations to you!!

  13. Linda Cantlebary


    I love your books! I took the mailboat tour this past August. Lake Geneva is a lovely town. I just finished your latest mailboat novel. Waiting on the next! I think a Tv mini series would be great! More people will be able to see it and encourage them to read the series. Good luck!
    I also wanted to share with you that this last book fell apart after turning the first 2 pages. 19 pages fell out before it stopped. I wanted you to know so you could let your publisher know. Thanks for writing such a wonderful and interesting series,

  14. Margaret Woodke


    I would go with a TV series. Then that would give more time on detailing each characters life. Which ever way you choose, Good Luck. But mostly don’t stop writing.

  15. Lori


    Movie would be awesome to watch on the big screen!! I can see a Netflix series as well so you can keep developing a story! Either way would be exciting:)

    • Reply

      The big screen sure is amazing! Maybe if I end up with a TV series, I can figure out how to screen the pilot episode at a theater as a special event?? Maybe in Lake Geneva?? That would be fun!

  16. Bob roullier


    I like the idea of the movie because your books flow so wonderfully into the other and I am selfish and would like to see it all at once!

  17. Linda Pautz


    Since finding your first book and being one of the early readers I feel a TV series first would give more people a chance to view on a weekly basis. Then with that success I would go to a movie option. Then the characters come to life and we all can decide that we agree with choices made ! I have pm you info on someone I know “of” in Hollywood. He may be able to provide contacts, etc. Best of luck on your new endeavors. But first I can’t wait for the next book!

  18. Kim Friede


    I think a tv series but, only if it stays true to the books. That would probably mean a limited season. I don’t know.
    A movie would also be fun. Again, it would need to stay as the books are written.
    I am ways disappointed when the live version strays from the book.

    • Reply

      Aww, I’m so happy you want a film or TV version to stay true to my original books. That’s special to me. 😀 I feel as if Hollywood has been getting better at that lately, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  19. Linda Scribner


    I would sit for either. Movie might take some shortcuts but at least start to finish. Series would be possible if there is enough to keep going. Maybe a Hallmark Series?!

  20. Teresa Klockow


    I think a series because the books are so intense that a movie will only scratch the surface of the books. I totally picture your books in my mind while reading them. Wisconsin girl here that has been to lake grneva many times and love the history of the town and beautiful houses.

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