Bailey’s Silver Helm Necklace


A family heirloom. A missing good-luck charm. A key to the mystery…

Order Bailey’s Silver Helm Necklace today to keep a little piece of Lake Geneva close to your heart. The perfect gift for the young reader in your life. 



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My eye fell on a tarnished ball chain hanging around her neck…

…like the one that had held my dog tags a lifetime ago. She’d never worn a chain like that before. Not that I could think of. I followed it down to where it disappeared inside her collar. Whatever was on the end of the chain was on the verge of spilling out as she leaned over me. Gravity teased away at it and finally won. The chain slithered to its full length. 

A silver ship’s helm dangled and swayed, catching points of light, like a tiny star that shone its brightest in daylight.

I stared, dumbstruck. How had Bailey gotten it? This wasn’t possible.

It was.

Jason hadn’t lost it after all. No, he’d left it where I was sure to find it. Where I was sure to hear his last request of me. Not my forgiveness. Not my love. Something more…

He was asking me to bring her home.

An old Thomlin family heirloom, the silver helm necklace was meant to bring members of the family home when they were far away. A perfect gift for the young reader in your life.

Set on a 23.5″ ball chain. The charm is lead-free, nickel-free, zinc alloy metal.

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