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The Girl on the Boat

Her biggest dream was to become a mail jumper, not the key witness to a crime…

All Bailey wants is to join the elite crew of mail jumpers, fleet-footed kids who must leap from boat to pier to deliver the mail around a Wisconsin lake. She’s never done anything so daring in her life, but the hazards of wind and wave would be worth it to work alongside Captain Tommy. If she’d ever had a grandfather—or a family at all—she would have wanted him to be like Tommy.

But all her charts to success may end up in the drink when she catches a veteran mail jumper red-handed with a key to the police station. Only the night before, someone broke in and attacked a dispatcher. Is it possible that Baron, the most popular boy in town… is the villain?

Meanwhile, Police Detective Monica Steele learns that the case carries ties to a murder thought solved long ago, a suspect who’s been behind bars almost twenty years, and a cop she always knew was crooked to the bone.

Can they dredge up the truth before Baron catches on? Or will Bailey’s dreams for a perfect summer be dashed against the shore?

The Girl on the Boat is a prequel novella to the thrilling Mailboat Suspense Series. If you like hurricane-force plot twists, complex characters you can’t help but love, and a real-life setting that comes to life on the page, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s enthralling tale!

Mailboat I: The End of the Pier

A teen without a family. A town with a dark history. A body in the lake.

Abandoned by her own parents, forgotten by the foster care system, Bailey’s learned to weather every storm—except the one that rages inside. Is a family of her own too much to ask for? Her only anchor is Tommy, captain of the famous Lake Geneva Mailboat for the past fifty years, as reliable as the mail itself.

Delivering letters by boat in the Wisconsin resort town, Bailey’s learned that the occasional splash into the lake as she jumps to the piers is just part of her job. But discovering a dead body tied to a pier post is far from routine…

Bailey’s fears only grow when the police investigation spills over into her abusive foster home—threatening to take her away from Lake Geneva entirely. When it comes to the surface that Tommy has close ties to the chief suspect, his wounds from the past threaten to close him off from Bailey completely, snuffing out her last beacon of hope.

Will the mystery of the body in the lake be solved before a killer destroys Bailey’s last chance at finding a family? Or will a madman’s sinister plot leave her marooned forever?

The End of the Pier is the first book in the thrilling Mailboat Suspense Series. If you like twists that leave you breathless, complex characters you can’t help but love, and a real-life setting that comes to life on the page, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s enthralling tale!

Mailboat II: The Silver Helm

A forgotten teen. A death too close to home. A killer still on the loose.

The story continues from Mailboat Book I

Life has taught Bailey that everyone she gets close to leaves her. Even her beloved mentor, Mailboat Captain Tommy, has pulled away after the death of his son. Yet after her own recent brush with death, she’s surrounded by people she wishes she could escape, from the flirty new busboy and the cops with their questions to the still-at-large serial killer with an ax to grind…

With the body count rising, Detective Monica Steele suspects there may be powerful and sinister forces at work in their resort town. But unless she can show the higher-ups some evidence, evil acts may tear Bailey and other innocent victims apart.

Can Steele find the killer in time? Or will the madman’s plot spin out of control, dragging someone Bailey loves into the crossfire?

The Silver Helm is the second book in the riveting Mailboat Suspense Series. If you fell in love with Bailey and the entire crew from the first book, you won’t want to miss what happens next in Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s suspenseful page-turner!

Mailboat III: The Captain’s Tale

A girl who doesn’t belong. A secret she won’t tell. A killer setting the course.

The story continues from Mailboat I and Mailboat II.

The hopes of foster kid Bailey hang on a prayer as her beloved mentor Captain Tommy fights for his life, the most recent victim in a spate of violence that’s rocked their idyllic lakeside town. She’d give anything to save him—even if it means making a devil’s deal and walking away from him forever.

Officer Ryan Brandt’s investigation into Bailey’s abusive foster home has been a wash; Bailey won’t talk. Once he realizes that Captain Tommy is the only person Bailey trusts, he makes it his mission to keep the two of them together, come wind or high water. His only hope is that Tommy will survive and coax Bailey’s secrets up from the depths. Meanwhile, Jimmy the young scientific genius struggles to tell Bailey how he feels about her—at the same time fighting the monsters of his past and the memory of a sister whose fate still torments him.

None of it may matter, though, if the killer succeeds in the next step of his plan. The resulting storm may rock Lake Geneva to its very foundations.

Will long-hidden secrets finally come to the surface, drawing Bailey, Tommy, and other lost souls together? Or will the moor lines slip, setting them adrift as a serial killer navigates the town of Lake Geneva toward an explosive end?

The Captain’s Tale is the third book in the thrilling Mailboat Suspense Series. If you fell in love with Bailey and the entire crew from the first two books, you won’t want to miss what happens next in Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s suspenseful page-turner!

Mailboat IV: The Shift in the Wind

A girl left adrift. A widow hunting for truth. A change in the air…
The story continues from Mailboat I, II, and III

Bailey’s world has been rocked by a tidal wave. Mailboat Captain Tommy is her grandfather. There’s just one problem: In her experience, family has always left her marooned. Her own father, Tommy’s son, died in front of her without telling her who he was. The riptide of emotions threatens to tow her under before Tommy or anyone else can throw her a life ring.

The truth of Bailey’s past isn’t the only thing the wind has blown ashore. Blindsided by her husband’s murder and the truth of his past as a high-end bank burglar, Angelica Read has arrived in the Wisconsin tourist town in search of answers. She won’t lift anchor until she knows who killed him—not to mention who the man she married really was.

Detective Monica Steele is swamped after a bombing that devastated her town. And secretly, she’s weathering a storm of her own. An anonymous phone call reveals that her closest secret—and biggest regret—isn’t safe: The man behind the murders knows about her abortion. With his eye focused on her, she has to crack the case without her ex, Officer Ryan Brandt, learning the truth. Their shipwrecked relationship is struggling to rise from the depths, and this wasn’t how Monica wanted Ryan to find out he was going to be a dad.

There’s blood in the water, and this time, the victims are the predators. Will The Man Upstairs at last be revealed? Or will he slip past every net and hook they’ve set for him?

The Shift in the Wind is the fourth book in the can’t-quit-reading Mailboat Suspense Series. If you need to know what happens next with Bailey and the crew, then haul aboard Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s thrilling new novel!

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