Mailboat IV: The Shift in the Wind SE

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A girl left adrift. A widow hunting for truth. A change in the air…

The story continues from Mailboat I, II, and III

Bailey’s world has been rocked by a tidal wave. Mailboat Captain Tommy is her grandfather. There’s just one problem: In her experience, family has always left her marooned. Her own father, Tommy’s son, died in front of her without telling her who he was. The riptide of emotions threatens to tow her under before Tommy or anyone else can throw her a life ring.

The truth of Bailey’s past isn’t the only thing the wind has blown ashore. Blindsided by her husband’s murder and the truth of his past as a high-end bank burglar, Angelica Read has arrived in the Wisconsin tourist town in search of answers. She won’t lift anchor until she knows who killed him—not to mention who the man she married really was.

Detective Monica Steele is swamped after a bombing that devastated her town. And secretly, she’s weathering a storm of her own. An anonymous phone call reveals that her closest secret—and biggest regret—isn’t safe: The man behind the murders knows about her abortion. With his eye focused on her, she has to crack the case without her ex, Officer Ryan Brandt, learning the truth. Their shipwrecked relationship is struggling to rise from the depths, and this wasn’t how Monica wanted Ryan to find out he was going to be a dad.

There’s blood in the water, and this time, the victims are the predators. Will The Man Upstairs at last be revealed? Or will he slip past every net and hook they’ve set for him?

The Shift in the Wind is the fourth book in the can’t-quit-reading Mailboat Suspense Series. If you need to know what happens next with Bailey and the crew, then haul aboard Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s thrilling new novel!

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This series is written to be read in order. Don’t forget to pick up the previous titles in the Mailboat Suspense Series!

Mailboat I: The End of the Pier
Mailboat II: The Silver Helm
Mailboat III: The Captain’s Tale


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12 reviews for Mailboat IV: The Shift in the Wind SE

  1. Sanda Putnam

    Danielle Lincoln Hanna pulls us back into the grief of losing two loved and respected citizens of Lake Geneva; and into the chaos of solving the murders surrounding the infamous Markham Ring. We walk, run and cry inside the personalities who feel true to life, and who are being encapsulated in an ever-increasing fear.

  2. Linda P

    What a power ending. I kept swiping my kindle to move past the last page. Could not possibly end that way. Bailey just has to find happiness and Ryan and Monica too. The intro of Angelica was very intriguing, she comes back right ? I still can’t sleep…..

  3. Sandi George

    I was pleasantly surprised how readily I was able to jump into this series at book four after having only read the prequel. The author deserves accolades for making this happen by including enough backstory artfully interspersed. One who may have missed a book or two can readily enjoy the multiple important characters and their interactions. There are several characters who each has his own story to tell. Some are the good guys. Others are slimy, belly-crawling scum. Some, you can’t really tell. Perhaps I’ve misjudged but at times everyone looks suspicious. Conspiracy theorists would be in hog heaven rolling about with some of these guys. There are still murders to solve, bad guys to catch and a romance that needs a happy conclusion. There’s still a kid in foster care who needs a good home. I highly recommend this book and that the author let’s us off the hook by completing this series soon!
    I read an ARC of this book before writing this review.

  4. Duane Hand (verified owner)

    I thought I might have a difficult time catching up since it’s been a while since I read the third book but found myself totally involved with the characters and the plot. A testament to the skill of the author! Normally it would take me a week or two to finish a book but I found myself barely able to put the book down and now, on day two, I’m done. A real page turner. Each book of this series resolves some questions but brings to light new ones that you have to wait for the next installment to get answers. This is frustrating and tantalizing at the same time and leaves you hungering for the next book (arghhh!). I’ve never read a series like this before and I both hate it and love it at the same time. Can’t wait for book V!!!!

  5. Lisa McCann

    Absolutely love this series. I am so caught up in the characters and what’s going to happen to them. Makes waiting for the next installment very hard. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  6. Elaine

    Once again, Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s twisty mind took my expectations and turned them into a new configuration. With the introduction of a new character, the widow of a non-existent man, new windows opened into old relationships and left me wondering if anyone was truly who I thought they were. I highly recommend this latest installment of The Mailboat Suspense Series. I can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Nancy Diestler (verified owner)

    When I told a friend I was pre-reading Mailboat IV, she said, “Was it awesome? I know it was!” and she was right. During this installment, the reader is taken along each character’s journey for a deeper understanding and suspenseful excitement. As we get to know each character better, the plot line twists and turns, pulling us back into the Mailboat family and Lake Geneva lifestyle. This is a “don’t miss” part of the saga!

  8. Kimberly Wade

    This Boat is still sailing! A widow comes to Lake Geneva seeking answers, tensions rise in old relationships, and a young girl struggles with information she has learned about her lost family. Another great addition to the Mailboat saga!

  9. Kathy

    Oh, the story evolves! The characters we know, a few new faces with additions to the story……. and the central mystery remains. A compelling, heart tugging story of love, betrayal, heartache and desperation. You don’t want the story to end…… yet you seek a conclusion to the unknowns! Happy reading!!

  10. Brenda D

    I have never read anything that describes the look and feel of Geneva Lake as well as Danielle has done. Her ability to bring us into the heads and hearts of her characters makes me feel like I know them intimately.

  11. Robin J McKay

    Mailboat IV: The Shift in the Wind is a colorful read, filled with unique, likable caricatures and multiple subplots. This is a picturesque view of a small lakeside town with murderers hiding in the shadows. Bailey remains the focus of this story, but several subplots keep winding about, making this a wonderful read. As more questions are answered, the plot muddles deeper. Even though I keep scratching my head in puzzlement, I enjoyed this story that kept me guessing and wondering.

  12. JoAnn

    Get ready to climb aboard Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s next mystery cruise and cast off from the dock! I was so pleased to catch the next wave of excitement in Mailboat IV: The Shift in the Wind! This book kept me bouncing along like the gentle rhythm of the waves. Bailey, Ryan, Monica, Tommy and many other favorite characters are back for the next installment of the Mailboat Series voyage, and this page-turner continued to develop the ongoing storyline as well as open up some new channels of curiosity for me. So, jump on deck, and enjoy the ride in Danielle Lincoln Hannah’s latest gift to her fans!

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