Mailboat I: The End of the Pier

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A teen without a family. A town with a dark history. A body in the lake.

Abandoned by her own parents, forgotten by the foster care system, Bailey’s learned to weather every storm—except the one that rages inside. Is a family of her own too much to ask for? Her only anchor is Tommy, captain of the famous Lake Geneva Mailboat for the past fifty years, as reliable as the mail itself.

Delivering letters by boat in the Wisconsin resort town, Bailey’s learned that the occasional splash into the lake as she jumps to the piers is just part of her job. But discovering a dead body tied to a pier post is far from routine…

Bailey’s fears only grow when the police investigation spills over into her abusive foster home—threatening to take her away from Lake Geneva entirely. When it comes to the surface that Tommy has close ties to the chief suspect, his wounds from the past threaten to close him off from Bailey completely, snuffing out her last beacon of hope.

Will the mystery of the body in the lake be solved before a killer destroys Bailey’s last chance at finding a family? Or will a madman’s sinister plot leave her marooned forever?

The End of the Pier is the first book in the thrilling Mailboat Suspense Series. If you like twists that leave you breathless, complex characters you can’t help but love, and a real-life setting that comes to life on the page, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s enthralling tale!

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5 reviews for Mailboat I: The End of the Pier

  1. Linda

    Can I purchase the books in stores?

    • Danielle Lincoln Hanna (verified owner)

      Hi, Linda! Yes, you can, if you’re in the Lake Geneva area. Here are some stores that carry the Mailboat Suspense Series:

      Cornerstone Shop (Lake Geneva)
      Breadloaf Books (Lake Geneva)
      Geneva Gifts (Lake Geneva)
      The Coffee Mill (Fontana)

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you!

      ~ Danielle

  2. Glenda

    You write well, but not my kind of story. I felt like it was jumping around and leaving you hanging at the end of each chapter. Sorry. Maybe that’s how stories are written in today’s world. Good luck.

  3. Sharon Bown

    Oh yes! This is the type of book I enjoy reading…when I come to the end of a chapter and want to yell at the author, ‘are you crazy, this can’t stop here’ because I have to go do something else or in this case it was the dangling carrot and that’s all I was given to purchase the book. I probably will at some point do just that.

  4. Patricia Gregorowicz

    Easy read. Got to the end and was left dangling. I enjoy reading mysteries. On to the next book in the series. 😃

  5. Nancy Clough

    Really liked the suspense in the hometown of Lake Geneva. Those carefree days unfortunately have gone by. I cant wait for book 5!

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