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A teen without a family. A town with a dark history. A body in the lake.

Gather the first three books in the Mailboat Suspense Series.

Mailboat I: The End of the Pier
Abandoned by her own parents, forgotten by the foster care system, Bailey’s learned to weather every storm—except the one that rages inside. Is a family of her own too much to ask for? Her only anchor is Tommy, captain of the famous Lake Geneva Mailboat for the past fifty years, as reliable as the mail itself.

Delivering letters by boat in the Wisconsin resort town, Bailey’s learned that the occasional splash into the lake as she jumps to the piers is just part of her job. But discovering a dead body tied to a pier post is far from routine…

Bailey’s fears only grow when the police investigation spills over into her abusive foster home—threatening to take her away from Lake Geneva entirely. When it comes to the surface that Tommy has close ties to the chief suspect, his wounds from the past threaten to close him off from Bailey completely, snuffing out her last beacon of hope.

Will the mystery of the body in the lake be solved before a killer destroys Bailey’s last chance at finding a family? Or will a madman’s sinister plot leave her marooned forever?

Mailboat II: The Silver Helm
Life has taught Bailey that everyone she gets close to leaves her. Even her beloved mentor, Mailboat Captain Tommy, has pulled away after the death of his son. Yet after her own recent brush with death, she’s surrounded by people she wishes she could escape, from the flirty new busboy and the cops with their questions to the still-at-large serial killer with an ax to grind…

With the body count rising, Detective Monica Steele suspects there may be powerful and sinister forces at work in their resort town. But unless she can show the higher-ups some evidence, evil acts may tear Bailey and other innocent victims apart.

Can Steele find the killer in time? Or will the madman’s plot spin out of control, dragging someone Bailey loves into the crossfire?

Mailboat III: The Captain’s Tale
The hopes of foster kid Bailey hang on a prayer as her beloved mentor Captain Tommy fights for his life, the most recent victim in a spate of violence that’s rocked their idyllic lakeside town. She’d give anything to save him—even if it means making a devil’s deal and walking away from him forever.

Officer Ryan Brandt’s investigation into Bailey’s abusive foster home has been a wash; Bailey won’t talk. Once he realizes that Captain Tommy is the only person Bailey trusts, he makes it his mission to keep the two of them together, come wind or high water. His only hope is that Tommy will survive and coax Bailey’s secrets up from the depths. Meanwhile, Jimmy the young scientific genius struggles to tell Bailey how he feels about her—at the same time fighting the monsters of his past and the memory of a sister whose fate still torments him.

None of it may matter, though, if the killer succeeds in the next step of his plan. The resulting storm may rock Lake Geneva to its very foundations.

Will long-hidden secrets finally come to the surface, drawing Bailey, Tommy, and other lost souls together? Or will the moor lines slip, setting them adrift as a serial killer navigates the town of Lake Geneva toward an explosive end?

If you like twists that leave you breathless, complex characters you can’t help but love, and a real-life setting that comes to life on the page, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s enthralling tales!

Buy the Mailboat Suspense Series, Books 1 – 3, to dive into the suspense today!

Includes EXCLUSIVE bonus content!

      • Sneak Peek of each new book in the series, including Mailboat IV (title to be revealed!)
      • The Story Behind the Story:
        • “How Did You Become a Writer?”
        • “Mail Jumper for a Day”
        • “A Sprawling Land of Healing and Terror”
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