Mailboat Starter Set


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The Mailboat Starter Set

A teen without a family. A town with a dark history. A body in the lake.

All Bailey wants is to finally be adopted into a family of her own. But when she finds a body in the lake, it changes the course of her life forever. Will the mystery be solved before a killer destroys Bailey’s last chance at finding a family? Or will a madman’s sinister plot leave her marooned forever?

The Mailboat Starter Set contains the prequel novella and Books I and II of the thrilling Mailboat Suspense Series. If you like twists that leave you breathless, complex characters you can’t help but love, and a real-life setting that comes to life on the page, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s enthralling tale!

The perfect place to start! Pick up this bestselling bundle today.

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