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An Unforgettable, Exclusive Event

Book a private, online video chat with Danielle Lincoln Hanna, author of the Mailboat Suspense Series! Don’t forget to order autographed books to compliment your event.



What Do YOU Want to Know from the Author of the Mailboat Suspense Series?

Book a private, hour-long live video chat with the author of the Mailboat Suspense Series, Danielle Lincoln Hanna!

  • Create a never-to-be-forgotten event for your book club
  • Have a fun get-together with friends
  • REALLY surprise the favorite reader in your life
  • Coordinate a community-wide event at your local bookstore or library*
  • Provide an educational opportunity for your school classroom*
  • Be sure to order autographed books to compliment your event!

Ask Danielle all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about the series, her writing process, etc, and let her know what you’d like to see happen next. Warning: She won’t reveal spoilers! But she may have a few questions for you, too. 😉

To attend the video chat, you will need an account on either Skype or Google Hangouts. (Cool tip: If you have a Gmail account, you already have Google Hangouts!)

*Are you a library, school, or charity? Be sure to contact us for the pass code to a FREE online video chat!

Book now for your exclusive online visit with Danielle Lincoln Hanna!

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