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Several weeks ago on my Facebook and Instagram, I reported that Charles and I had—once again!—made semifinalist in the ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Competition for a proposed TV adaptation of the Mailboat Suspense Series.

I’m sure curious minds want to know the results!

Welp, we did our best to push through to the finalist round, but other talented creatives came out ahead of us. 

Charles and I do send our congrats to the winners on their phenomenal accomplishment. We hope their projects and careers receive the attention they’ve earned.

But what do the charts show for Charles and me and the Mailboat Suspense Series? 

We’re super proud to have made it to semifinalist twice, further proving the potential of adapting the Mailboat story for the screen. I even got to update my bio on my website to reflect this crazy accomplishment!

Meanwhile, Charles and I continue to learn from this strange journey. We plan to continue exploring the possibility of bringing the Mailboat series to Hollywood, with a number of different avenues open to us.

The seas surrounding the City of Angels are always a little choppy, and the charts are never quite sure. (Does that text say, “Here be dragons,” or “Here be gold”?) One Hollywood professional I talked with assured me that no one really knows how movies are made—which I found strangely reassuring.

So, thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm and support! Charles and I will continue to ply the seas toward that fabled shore, and hopefully someday we’ll see you in Tinseltown.

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