My paperbacks are a little overstocked right now! (I mean… not quite as bad as pictured, but I couldn’t resist the visual, LOL. That photo was taken ahead of the Mailboat IV book release and book signing tour.)

But to the point: My paperbacks are discounted 25% through Monday, April 22nd. That’s $5 off every book! ($3 off the prequel.)

I went ahead and discounted my ebooks by 25%, too, while I was at it, because… why not? (Save $2 on every ebook, and $1.50 off the prequel!)


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This feels like the appropriate time to mention… Mother’s Day is May 12th! If you haven’t squared away a gift yet, may I remind you, paperbacks are 25% off, and I also have shiny new hardbacks? (LOL, wink.)

If you yourself are a mother, I give you permission to treat yourself to a well-deserved book. I mean, just think of all that hard work, raising children and/or spoiling grandchildren. (I hear that’s very exhausting, spoiling grandchildren.)

You can support your own R&R, as well as your (completely healthy) book habit, while also supporting your friendly neighborhood author.

As always, thanks for reading, and Happy Sailing!

This Week’s Bestsellers:

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