Molly’s Best DOGumentaries Ever

DSC01933 (640x480)Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog here! My girl and I have had sooo many adventures, we hardly know what to do with them all. So we thought we’d try something really fun! Like … a drawing for a 2016 calendar, featuring photography by my girl!

Here’s how it works: We’ve got five videos here – our personal favorites. We also have a thirteen-month, full-color calendar stuffed full of adventures. (Several of the photos are from her research trip this summer to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – the setting for her up-coming suspense series, Mailboat!)

If you leave a comment saying which video is your favorite, we’ll stick your name in a big hat for the calendar!

2015-12-28 Calendar Cover


You in? Okay! Here’s our top 5 favorite DOGumentaries of all time!

Down the Winding Road

04-14-2014 My girl and I LOVE unplanned adventures! This time, our noses led us to the shores of Lake Sakakawea. At 178 miles from end to end, we won’t run out of hiking anytime soon! Actually, the lake is a reservoir of the Missouri River. The dam is two miles long!


A Stream with No Name

05-12-14 We love state parks! Cross Ranch is the closest to our house, so we call it our “home base.”  We’ve had loads of adventures here! It’s a really funny-shaped park – long and skinny. It runs along the Missouri River for a little over 3 miles, but at it’s narrowest, it’s only 500 feet wide. You read that right. FEET! The creek here was in the narrow part. Technically, the railroad trestle is not in the park.


Biggest Adventure Yet

10-02-2014 This was our first research trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin! Guess what? I got to hold the GoPro myself! My girl bought me a super-special harness, and I helped her get reference footage of the town. Spoiler: I got to go on board the Mailboat!


Dakota Winter

01-18-2015 I LOVE SNOW!!! This footage was taken on two separate adventures: Cross Ranch again, and a walking trail we like to explore. If you ever wanted to know what winter in North Dakota looks like … here it is!


Chasing the Deer

05-29-15 I have a confession to make. I lost the GoPro. It was gone for a MONTH before we found it again. When we did, my girl was really interested to see what I’d been up to. There were a few surprises! While hunting for the lost GoPro, we also found a brand new hiking trail – which we filmed in the spring.


Okay, there you have it! My girl will keep the drawing for the calendar open until Sunday, January 3rd at 11:59 p.m. CST. So go vote for your favorite!

Of course, my girl and me have our own favorite – but the only place where we’re gonna tell is in our newsletter! All of our most top-secret information goes there, plus occasional giveaways like this one! So if you really wanna know … sign up!

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