Whelp, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

The hardbacks are finally here!

As I write this, Charles is boxing up the pre-orders. We can’t wait for you to find our packages on your doorstep, pop them open, and finally touch and handle our beautiful new editions!

(And, you know, I wouldn’t say no to you posting your pics on social media and tagging me so I can see your reactions…)

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If you’ve been waiting for the hardbacks to be “available” on our website and not just “on pre-order,” you can go request your copies now!


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You can also ask for the hardbacks at your local bookstore or library. (Please support your local communities!)

This announcement wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention, one more time, the amazing friend who made it possible for me to release all of my books in hardback simultaneously. My friend, you know who you are—and your copies were the first ones I autographed. I can’t wait for you to finally see them.

Happy Sailing!

This Week’s Bestsellers:

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