Welcome to 2024! We hope your holidays were merry and bright. Charles, Angel, and I had a wonderful time back in Montana, while Fergus enjoyed some quality time with her sitter here in Wisconsin.

While we were away, our hardback proofs arrived here at our office in Wisconsin!

And I have great news. You’ll be able to take a peek at them during my reading at the Milwaukee Public Library tonight!


The Milwaukee Public Library, Zablocki Branch

Reading, Book Signing, and HARDBACK REVEAL
Tuesday, January 16th, 2024
6:00 p.m.
3501 W. Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI


It’s really frigid out there today, but I hope you’ll consider popping out to say hello and see the results of this project I’ve been working on FOREVER!

Guys, these new hardbacks are so beautiful. They just look so “grown-up” and “real”—I don’t know, like my books came back from college or something. When we unboxed them, Charles pulled the first one out and set it in front of me, and it was so perfect, I couldn’t even bring myself to touch it.

And then I flipped through the pages and pulled the dust jacket off and basically crawled all over the thing, squealing like a little girl. I can’t get over how beautiful they turned out. They feel so solid in the hand, yet so light-weight, and the pages look so professional.

“I made this,” I said to Charles, a little breath-taken.

And I really did make these. I wrote every word—by hand—I formatted every page, and I was the creative director for the cover art.

And yet, I did none of this alone. The brilliant Maryna Zhukova has an unbelievable knack for taking my description of what I’m picturing in my head and turning it into jaw-dropping cover art, including updating our covers specially for the hardback editions. (The hardbacks feature a gorgeous quote on the back, each of which I painstakingly chose myself.)

Meanwhile, Charles has taken over the lion’s share of finalizing the interior design of these hardbacks, including becoming an absolute expert on QR codes. (The hardbacks will be the first to include easily scannable codes to take you to my website and my other online spaces.)

Finally and most importantly, a dear friend whom I’ve known most of my life generously fronted me the cash to turn my entire series into hardbacks simultaneously. He’s asked to remain anonymous—but, my friend, you know who you are. Thank you. I’m so excited to finally put these books into your hands!

Charles and I have quality checked our new proof copies. Next, we’ll finalize those QR codes, and submit our final files to our printers.

Once they’ve approved the files (which can take a few days), the official hardbacks will take roughly three weeks to print.

As noted, I’ll bring my proof editions to the Zablocki Library tonight so you can see them for yourself! I’ll have pre-order forms, too, in case you want to reserve a copy for yourself or your friends.

Of course, you can also order online. (Particularly convenient if it’s just too cold to come to the event tonight!) Pre-orders are open now—and if you want to be one of the first to own these beautiful new hardbacks, I recommend you claim your copy as soon as possible! We make very limited print runs—only creating as many as we need—so it’s best to put in your pre-order now to avoid getting stuck on that three-week backorder.

For the time being, these hardbacks will only be available directly from me, and from my small-business partners and local libraries. I may look at expanding distribution later, but for the moment, these premium editions are available strictly from those of us whom you know personally. As always, thank you for supporting an independent artist and the friends and neighbors contributing to your community!

So, don’t forget to claim your copy online, or come see the proofs in-person at Zablocki!

Stay warm, and Happy Sailing!

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  1. Darlene Ryan


    When is Mailboat VI coming out? I want to know what happened with Bailey?????

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