Watching Trick-or-Treaters from Afar? Grab Your E-Reader!

Happy Halloween!

I have to say, I’ve been looking forward to tonight since… Late August? I mean, 2020 has been a roller coaster, for sure. But lucky for all, Halloween is the most socially-distanced holiday we have. It’s outdoors; you can leave your candy in individually-wrapped baggies lined up on your front step; and no one is hugging anyone.

And me? I can’t wait to leave reality behind for a night and fly six feet away from the kids while dressed as a witch! (Photos to come in my newsletter! Subscribe now so you don’t miss them!) Also, I have NO idea what Charles is dressing as. I’m terrified.

Since Halloween will be a little different this year–if you’re taking part at all–I thought I’d provide you with a book to read while you maybe peek through windows at the little ghouls and goblins scooping treats off your front porch.

Did you know you can buy ebooks on my website, too? That’s right! I don’t just sell paperbacks. And Frankenstein-ly, my ebooks don’t get nearly as much love as my hard copies. Time to bring them up from the grave!

So to tempt you into giving them a try, all my ebooks are 15% off this week! You can download to your Kindle or Nook or literally any device you own.

My ebooks are ghosted away to your device via BookFunnel, a friendly service readers love! They’ll hold your hand from the beyond, walking you through the process of getting my books on your ereader, no matter what kind you have.

Any issues with your download? Just reach out to these helpful spirits–they’re waiting to communicate with you. You can email them at or call to them via their help page. Failing that, you could try a ouija board, but I’m not guaranteeing the results…

Are you reading this after Halloween is come and gone? No worries; I’m keeping this sale alive through Friday, November 6th so everyone has a chance!

Good luck, Happy Halloween, and I hope you enjoy your treat!

~ Danielle

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