I recently let you all know that Charles and I made the semifinalist round of the ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Competition, where we proposed the idea of the Mailboat Suspense Series as a TV show.

With that accomplishment, our next task was to submit a recorded pitch to try to get to the finalist round. (You can watch Charles and me here!)

Sadly, Charles and I and the Mailboat story weren’t chosen as finalists, so this ends our journey with the Spring 2022 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Competition.

But that’s hardly the end of our journey with Hollywood. We still have such big plans!

For starters, placing as semifinalists is still a big deal. We beat out almost 1,000 other pitches to get there. This credential can only help us on our forward journey.

And let’s not forget, I’ve been approached on two separate occasions by parties interested in my film and TV rights. I’m still nursing those leads along.

The competition is really only a small part of a much larger picture.

I couldn’t imagine this journey without you, my loyal fans. Thanks for putting the wind in our sails, cheering us on and believing in an eventual film or TV adaptation. We promise to keep you posted on upcoming developments!

Meanwhile, what can you do to help?

      • Recommend my books to your friends. The more people I have on board, the more Hollywood will take notice!
      • Support my store by purchasing or pre-ordering one of my books. (Mailboat V is coming this summer!)
      • Go above and beyond by joining my Patreon page! You’ll get to read my next story AS I WRITE IT while supporting me in a very tangible way.

Thanks so much for coming with us on this thrilling cruise. We can’t wait to tell you what happens next!

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