If you enjoy my books, the Mailboat Suspense Series, I assume you enjoy mystery, suspense, thriller, and true crime in general.

If you also like ebooks, I have great news: Thursday, May 16th, is the first-ever Fill Your Ereader With Crime Day!

On the big day, you can visit the hub website and grab an entire pile of crime fiction and true crime ebooks for FREE or 99¢.

In fact, you can visit the site now and sign up for their email reminders for this and future crime reads promos!

The authors on this list were each personally invited to participate, and I’m honored to say I was one of the lucky invitees. You can support me and a bunch of talented writers in so many ways:

  • Spread the word! Link your bookworm friends to this post so everyone can enjoy this crime reads lollapalooza.
  • Pick up our ebooks on the big day! Mailboat I will be FREE, and Mailboat II will be $0.99 on May 16th. Dozens more titles from multiple authors are available!
  • Leave reviews of the books you read! Reviews are worth their weight in gold for authors trying to introduce themselves to new readers.
  • Go on to buy more books from the new authors you fell in love with! Think of a promo like this as speed dating for book lovers. For very little investment on your part, you can discover a new author you’ll adore forever.

So please, send this post to a friend who never has enough books on their ereader, and make both a reader’s and an author’s day!

This Week’s Bestsellers:

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