Book Club Questions: The Girl on the Boat

2021-01-27 Book Club Questions, The Girl on the Boat

Let’s do something fun today! I’ve had requests for book club questions to go along with my books, and I would love to make such a thing available. (Let me know in the comments if you want me to include it in my books or as a separately available download!)

In the meantime, I thought I’d include some book club questions here! It’s been almost a year since I released The Girl on the Boat, and it continues to be one of my best-sellers, so I thought we’d start there. (Plus, it’s a quick read if you want to brush up or try it out in order to participate!)

To make it more fun, let’s include a giveaway! Answer any one of these questions in the comments below (or leave any comment!), and you could be chosen to win a free copy of any one book in the series (your choice!), in either paperback or ebook.

Warning: If you haven’t read The Girl on the Boat yet, there may be spoilers in this post and in the comments!

Okay, let’s go!

* * *

1 Which character did you like best? Why? Here are a few to choose from: Bailey, Tommy, Monica, Stan Lehman, Baron Hackett. 

2 Did the characters feel believable to you? Did they remind you of anyone you already know?

3 Have you ever wanted something as badly as Bailey wanted to be a mail jumper? What was it? Why was it important to you?

4 Have you ever been afraid of getting someone in trouble, like Bailey was? Have you ever doubted your own mind because a person you disagreed with was popular or powerful?

5 Do you think Tommy should have pushed Bailey to report the break-in suspect, even when he didn’t know who it was? Why or why not?

6 Baron is smart and popular and apparently has many secrets! How did you feel about him in the beginning of the story? The middle? The end? Who’s side do you think he’s actually on?

7 Do you think Monica was justified in jumping to conclusions about who broke into the police station and why? Or should she have waited until more facts were available?

8 At the end of the story, what questions do you still have? What do you wish the author had gone into more detail about?

Contest Rules

    • In the comments, answer at least one of the questions above. (For clarity, go ahead and include the question number!) Or leave a comment of your choice.
    • The contest will remain open until Feb. 3rd, 2021 at 11:59pm Central Time.
    • Danielle will randomly choose one winner from the people who answered a question. She will get in touch with them to let them know they won. The winner will also be announced in the comments.
    • The winner can choose one copy of any of Danielle’s books–even Mailboat IV! (Releasing June 5, 2021.) The winner can choose to receive their book as an ebook (for any device) or as a paperback. If the winner chooses a paperback, they can also have it autographed for free.

Okay, people, this book club is open for discussion! Start commenting for your chance at a free book!

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