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Book One

Bailey Johnson landed the coolest summer job ever: mail jumper on the historic Lake Geneva Mailboat. Falling into the lake is pretty much a hazard of the job. Finding a dead body underwater is pretty much not. One mistimed jump restarts a manhunt, unsolved since before she was born, and reopens old wounds that were only half healed. As if that weren’t bad enough, she’s stuck in the most epically abysmal foster home ever, since she first entered “the system” eleven years ago. Abuse at home, bullets flying in the street … and she thought prom was bad. All she wants is a family of her own. Is that so much to ask for? A forever family–provided she survives the summer.

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Book Two

Bailey Johnson’s sixteenth summer isn’t going well. Three murders in one week is overkill—especially when she’s the one who keeps finding the bodies. She just wants to be a normal teen with a fun summer job: mail jumping on the Lake Geneva Mailboat. But Detective Monica Steele and Officer Ryan Brandt are catching glimpses of a far bigger plot than anyone realized. A shadow is growing over the idyllic summer town, and the killings are far from over. Now Bailey stands on the verge of losing the one person she thought she could always lean on.

Book Two Is …

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The REAL Mailboat

The Mailboat Suspense Series was inspired by the real Mailboat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which has been delivering the mail for over 100 years.


12 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Enjoyed your Mailboat book very much, we went on the mailboat for the first time this summer. Enjoyed lake Geneva for many years as we had a summer home in Lake Como. So many memories you were able to retrive for me. Looking forword
    to the next book. Thanks for an enjoyable read, can’t put it down once you start.
    Diana Louis

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