When Will Your Next Book Be Available?

The short answer is, I don’t know.

From beginning to end, I let the characters themselves write their own stories. I never tell them who they are, what they’re like, or what happened to them in their own lives. I let go, close my eyes, and allow them to tell me.

The problem is that they often surprise me. They may take the story on unexpected twists that change everything I thought I knew. Or a single sentence may result in a revelation that requires entire chapters to explore in more depth. When I set out to write a story, I never even know how many pages it’ll take me to write that story.

It’s done when it’s done, and not a moment sooner.

But I know you’re all waiting for the next story to come out! That’s why I provide monthly progress reports in my newsletter, and often check in daily on my Facebook page. That’s also why I’m committed to writing every single day–seven days a week, 365 days a year. You name it, I’m writing. Because I know so many of you are waiting for the next book.

When it’s done, I’ll announce it here on my website, in my newsletter, and on Facebook.


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Did You Grow Up in Lake Geneva? Were You a Mail Jumper?

Surprisingly … no! I grew up in North Dakota and currently live in Montana. I had never so much as heard of Lake Geneva or the Mailboat.

One day in the autumn of 2009, I was simply flipping channels on TV and saw a story on the Lake Geneva Mailboat. I was captivated. By the time I’d shut off the TV and stepped out of the room, all the major elements of the story had fallen into place in my mind.

I let the story percolate until the summer of 2014, when I decided to sit down and write it. I had been researching the location and the Mailboat from a distance for five years. Now, I contacted the Lake Geneva Cruise Line, which operates the Mailboat, and asked for a behind-the-scenes tour. They welcomed me aboard, and even let me try mail jumping. I also got in touch with the Lake Geneva Police Department, got a tour of the police station, went for a ride along, and have established a wonderful working relationship with their officers.

Two years later, in August 2016, I published the first book in the series.


_ _ _


How Many Books Will There Be in the Mailboat Series?

Five … I think.