Chasing the Deer

DSC02544 (640x480)Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog again. I know you’ve been waiting for it – the video footage from the day I lost the GoPro! Yep, I went deer chasing – with a GoPro camera attached. You never do see the deer in the footage (I was runnin’ too fast) … but there were a couple of other surprises!

IMG_20150513_153545390After we found the GoPro again – not to mention an awesome new hiking trail! – we recorded some new footage, this time in the spring.  I came back from that second hike with somewhere in the neighborhood of three dozen ticks – despite wearing two kinds of bug repellent – and had the creepy crawlies for a week.

All that to say … I worked really hard for this video! I hope you appreciate it. Umm … enjoy it, I mean!

file000130219100 (2)Special thanks go to the deer, without whom this would not have been possible; and the unnamed dog who helped me find my GoPro again!

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