DSC01644 (2) (457x640)Hey! Awesome to meet you. Is that a book I spy under your arm? Good. We’re gonna get along great.

My name is Danielle Lincoln Hanna, and I write Hearth & Homicide Suspense. (That’s a brand, not a title. So don’t go running off to Amazon to plug it into the search box.)

Family and firestorm exist side-by-side in my books. As much as you can expect the echoes of gunfire and the flashing reds-and-blues, you can also expect the porch light to be on and a warm cup of cocoa awaiting you at the fireside.

And I love explosions. And fire. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.

So … I’ll tell you what I’m writing if you’ll tell me what you’re reading. Deal?

The Mailboat Suspense Series

Book Mailboat_3D (640x640)

Bailey Johnson landed the coolest summer job ever: mail jumper on the historic Lake Geneva Mailboat. Falling into the lake is pretty much a hazard of the job. Finding a dead body underwater is pretty much not. Turns out the first victim was only the ripple before the storm.

Book One is available now!

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The series is set in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and based on the real-life U.S. Mailboat. Check out the action!


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